Affiliate.Builders to be presented at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference. Sharing about how to create iGaming affiliate website for Casino and Sports.

What angles ought to be considered while creating iGaming affiliate websites in the iGaming segment and how to get rich on that? George Chandler, Business Development Executive at Affiliate.Builders will share his experience on October 18 at Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Title of the speech is: “How to create iGaming affiliate website? Where to start from?”.

So how to build iGaming affiliate website? Isn’t it too risky? May be go for a white-label affiliate website iGaming?

Key points:

  • basic standards and essential principles of making the specialty sites;
  • online asset adaptation and working with traffic.

George Chandler has been working in associate promoting since 2013. Beforehand he has been a Managing Director at the Bulgarian wagering shop Eurofootball. He was additionally a Head of offers at – a stage assembling the chances at top wagering sites and scanning for the surebets – alternatives to make wagers in different wagering scenes on every conceivable game outcomes and get salary paying little heed to the result.

Right now he is a Business Development Executive at Affiliate.Builders. The organization is creating special associate sites in the iGaming part. Arrangements they offer are utilized in such portions as online club, virtual games, esports, P2P Games, bingo/lottery and so on. George’s obligations incorporate speaking to Affiliate.Builders available and expanding the brand mindfulness.

Visitors of the gathering will get an opportunity to converse with the speaker and ask him their inquiries.

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